A six-hour working day is the way forward


A six-hour working day results in happier and healthier employees. It also leads to a higher quality of welfare services and a more sustainable and equal labour market. Despite what some news reports may have indicated, these are the findings from Sweden’s trial of six-hour working days.

A shorter working day is often portrayed as a utopian dream that would be too costly to realise, much as previous work reforms were portrayed in the past. But what if working less is the key to a more sustainable working life? More at The Guardian.

I have never seen an individual produce more when they work a longer day than those working shorter hours. Often the opposite is true.

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  1. Produce more – possibly. But what are they producing? The software industry is famous for long hours and that push at the end of a project. Do people actually produce more code? Sometimes. Is it as quality code as it could be if people were well rested? Unlikely.

    This is similar to the idea that throwing more people at a project makes for a shorter delivery.

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