A $2 Billion lawsuit for 1 photo


A woman whose photo was taken while eating at a Chipotle in 2006 believes she is entitled to $2.2 billion after it was used without her consent.

The full story is pretty straight forward: Leah Caldwell was eating at a Chipotle in 2006 when photographer Steve Adams took a photo of her without her knowledge. As she left the restaurant, Steve asked her to sign a release, but she refused. Later, Chipotle purchased the photograph from Adams, Photoshopped in an alcoholic beverage near her food, and began using the image for advertising.

The reason Caldwell didn’t sue back in 2006 was because she didn’t notice her image being used until 2014. Since then, she has seen herself on multiple occasions in multiple markets… More at Fstoppers.

She may get something here, but $2 billion seems a little steep. When I say a little…

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  1. So does she really think she was responsible for all profits Chipotle made, or that the photographer captured her soul, and this is the most she could conceivably get out of them?

  2. Isn’t the negotiation concept to ask for a ridiculous amount so that the final payment seems reasonable? Just ask Trump.

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