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Neil posted the above (brilliant) photo on Twitter yesterday and we had a short discussion in which he said ‘I bought some lenses a few days ago, but can’t say I’m overly impressed. Macro is *too* powerful by a long way.’ and ‘I’d like a macro lens, but not 20x as this one is, as that is just too strong. But my photos are really just me playing around.’

So, my question to you all is, what solution do you use for the majority of your photography? I have long been considering lenses for my iPhone, but haven’t found anything that works well enough to make me think they make more sense than my iPhone on its own. And if I were to buy expensive lens attachments, maybe I should just use a proper camera?

Have you found a solution in between that works really well for you?

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  1. Smartphone takes 95% of my photos. Get the DSLR out for special occasions and events.

  2. No expensive lenses for me, although that might be the problem. The new set coming today was £8, and I am only interested in the macro lens, to see whether it improves the iPhone’s ability to focus on something 2 or 3 cm from the lens.

    I have other cameras, but we tend to stick to our iPhones – we have had some stunning holiday photographs from them and the image quality was more than enough to have them printed onto canvases for the wall.

  3. My phone has become my permanent camera, I just needed to find a good camera app to go with it. At the moment I’m using Camaringo +, but I don’t like the way it does panoramas. But I might start looking at some lenses.

    • What do you find lacking with the default camera app (on whichever platform you are on)? I’m curious as I have stuck so far with Apple’s default app, and perhaps don’t know what I’m missing or not doing.

      • I always found the built-in camera app to be okay but just okay. I rather like Microsoft Pix. It takes a number of photos at a time and gives you the best. I don’t really need the mini-movie it takes at times. I also have ProCam if I want lots of control over settings. Obviously just my 0.02 worth. (Now that we don’t have pennies in Canada, does that get raised to 0.05 or rounded down to what my 0.02 is really worth)

      • Same here- default app. Tend to think of a phone for most snaps when taken at short notice and rarely need to fiddle with settings etc

  4. If I know I’m going to be taking photos, such as a grandkid’s party, I’ll take my compact (Panasonic ZS40). Otherwise it’s the iPhone.

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