From macOS to Windows


What it mostly is, though, is ambitious, especially on Microsoft’s own hardware. Microsoft’s laptop, the Surface Book, can do all sorts of things, including unlatching little metal cables that hold the screen to the keyboard, which is genuinely incredible the 90 percent of the time it works and guaranteed to impress exactly no one, no matter how many times you interrupt their conversation to show them.

Apple mentors its users. It provides a path through a gloomy forest, a route that has historically led through a series of confidence-building challenges every few months, grooming customers into proficient users of Apple products. A Mac owner puts one hand in Apple’s, and is guided. Here is a web browser. It is simple, but powerful. Here is how you listen to music, or make your own. But what about? No, you can’t do it that way. Not yet. But if you wait a while, and prove that you can do it the way we think is best, we may let you try it another way. We might even take that idea you thought you wanted, and give you something even better… More at NYMAG.

A long article, but there are some interesting comments included.

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  1. Great article. So many good points in one place. Got me to thinking once again about the state of personal computing.

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