Bob’s home screen


There are always a few things that change depending on circumstances. For example, I added the Apple Watch app when I was given an Apple Watch as a gift. I had a number of camera apps that I finally evaluated and kept ProCam and MS Pix. The Music folder moved to the home page when I retired and finally had some time to play. And yes, I have two calendar apps. One is for my schedule, such as it is, and the other for my wife’s. She has a dog walking business and if I kept a single calendar, I wouldn’t be able to find my events. Bob.

Some of you may see all of these iPhone screens as looking the same, but if you gave me that screen I would be lost because it isn’t mine. Small differences are big to the user in the iOS world.

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  1. What Shaun says LOL Every now and then I’ll add or delete an app on my home screen. It’s amazing how much muscle memory we use when selecting an app. If an app I need isn’t where I expect it to be, it takes twice as long to find it compared to the time it would take if I didn’t think I knew where it was. The process becomes first I look where I expect it to be. It’s not there. Hopefully I haven’t launched what was in it’s place because then I’d have to get back to the home screen. Then I have to clear my auto pilot which is still looking at the expected spot and wondering why things are different. Finally, I start looking for the new location. And likely as not, not using the most efficient approach.

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