Does The Original iPhone Still Work?


Recently, I got my hands on the very first iPhone … for the first time, in 2017. Yes, even though I’m a gadget geek with a tendency to early adopt, even I held off buying the original iPhone at the time of release because: A — I was skeptical like most others and B — I was starting my career as a journalist at the time and didn’t have the cash.

To be honest, it was probably a wise decision, because the first iPhone was a prime example of the adage that you should wait until the second generation to adopt a new tech product. The first iPhone lacked 3G bands (meaning you could only get online when you have wifi or if you’re on AT&T’s 2G “Edge” plan) and didn’t have the App store. In many ways, the second iPhone, the 3G, is the one that really became what modern smartphones are all about (and yes, I purchased the 3G in 2008 and fell in love with it right away)… More at Forbes.

So it still works, sort of.

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