Those days are gone


Back in September, a major bug with PDF-handling that led to Fujitsu temporarily warning ScanSnap owners to cease using their scanners with Sierra. The problem was later identified as a bug in the PDFKit framework in macOS 10.12.

Take Control of Preview co-author Adam Engst (via Daring Fireball), says that although Apple applied fixes in 10.12.1, it has reintroduced bugs in 10.12.2 – to the extent that he now advises against using Preview for PDF editing at all for now …More at 9To5Mac.

Thanks to Bob for the link who says-

Especially this “I’ve never seen such a sorry case of sloppy code and indifference from Apple.” – Bookends developer Jon Ashwell

I should add that we’re not beating on Apple just because of bugs. We’re beating on Apple because they rightly put themselves on a pedestal for others to emulate. While the statement “It just works” might never have been 100% true, it was a lot closer than most other manufacturers. Sadly, it looks like those days are gone.

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