Apple’s AirPods for Android


There are plenty of great Android-compatible Bluetooth headphones that are both cheaper and sound better than the Apple AirPods. But there are none that I want to walk around in my ears with as consistently, and that leads to me listening to more music for longer. Unlike other in-ear Bluetooth earphones, AirPods are comfortable enough for me to wear for hours with no discomfort, and sound good enough that I’m happy to do so. They’re great for phone calls, too, and I’ve yet to receive complaints about sound quality from people on the other end of the line… More at Android Central.

A really decent article which is followed up by some of the most anti-Apple comments you will ever see.

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  1. I have been wondering if these could also work with Android. I’ve been looking at various concept like this for quite some time. I’ve just gone in the opposite direction for the first time in my life, and bought some actual bluetooth headphones, and I still have my bluetooth Denon earphones. But I can definitely see a place for these.

    As for the comments, there are plenty of other brands where you pay just for the name, and I’m talking in general.

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