1970s Moulinex Electric Carving Knife review


Over Christmas, my mother-in-law started to cut up some meat and was using the appliance above. It’s a Moulinex Electric Carving Knife which my mother also used when I was a child.

It turns out that my mother-in-law uses it all of the time and has done since the 1970s. She still has the blade cover and has never had to change the blades.

I mentioned it to my mother the next day and she still uses hers, and has never changed the blade. She uses the same one that I remember from when I was very young and it still works perfectly.

So, I mentioned it at work and three people said they still use one from decades ago. It appears that this thing is impossible to break, has reliability like no other electric product and is capable of bringing back memories while still serving a useful purpose today, 40 years later!

It’s remarkable to think that any product bought today would be in use in 2056. Just imagine that for a moment, a phone, TV, torch anything. It is incredibly unlikely to happen, but here we have the Moulinex Electric Carving Knife working perfectly in households all over the UK.

And then there is the microwave oven that my mother-in-law still uses that she has owned since the early 1980’s. It does everything she wants and have never broken down.

Admittedly these are white goods and not subject to fashion or quick change, but it feels as if there is a limited lifespan with everything we buy today compared to the sheer effort that went in to products from the past.

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  1. Some of the old Nokia phones were kind of Moulinex phones. The Moulinex knife, like many white appliances, are made to do one thing only, and to do that one thing well. The old Nokia’s made calls and you could text and little more, but they did it well and they didn’t break. If you wanted to use your phone just as a phone, like the knife as a knife, you wouldn’t do bad with one of the old phones. My parents are a case example of that. We use our modern phones 24/7, for just about everything (at least I do!) and considering mine is pretty mid range, it does it pretty well. For me, the modern smart phone, still is a dream come true!

  2. I was given one as an engagement present. Been married now for 46 years and still use it every day! A legend in its own life time!

  3. I have my mother in laws Moulinex 246 Electric Carving Knive.It still has it’s original blades and blade cover.It never let her or myself down.

  4. Sadly ours broke a few weeks back, but what a superb purchase it was.
    We’ll not see its likes again

      1. Fortunately n you can still buy them – my son in law just purchased a 294 model, arrived today!!

  5. Had my Moulinex 246 carving knife since late 70’s and as good now as it was new! Never changed blades and has cut every Turkey at Christmas since new – together with countless joints.
    My son-in-law is a carving knife afficionado and has numerous expensive knives which he is always sharpening. He tried my Moulinex once and is hooked – even ordered his own model 294, which arrived today and he is over the moon.
    Well done Moulinex!!

  6. I have my mother in laws that she used to cut up the roast. I went with my now husband every Sunday from 1978 onwards, Still works perfectly

  7. My wife still uses ours – given to us as a wedding present 50 years ago!
    Still works very well.

  8. I found one a few years ago at a church Christmas bazar. Still with original box, blades and blade cover. Only minor damage (one of the blades missing its plastic thumb grip). Works beautifully, but I seldom had ise for it. That is, until it dawned on me that I could use it to cut frozen sausage to order. Now, a couple times a month, I make myself a breakfast sandwich and check if the blades need sharpening.

  9. my knife is 47 years old and still going strong ,it has been in constant use over the years and the blades are still as sharp as ever wonderful piece of equipment hats off to the makers .

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