This Is How I Work


The company now known as Basecamp was founded 17 years ago by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim. Originally called 37signals and involved with various types of web design and development—including products like Campfire as well as what became Ruby on Rails—they eventually shifted their focus to their namesake product, Basecamp.

Jason Fried, CEO, keeps things pretty simple as he runs the company. No real to-do lists, no multiple monitors, no alarm clock. Just a clear focus during the day so that the work doesn’t encroach upon the boundaries of daily life. Here’s how he works… More at lifehacker.

You can learn a lot from this. Thanks to Kirk.

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  1. I really admire the no todo list needed approach. I’m not sure if its seeming impossibility for represents different priorities, lack of principles, lack of organization, or just a poorer memory. I do know my damn AppiGo badge list has been at 20-30 for months :-/ (in part why I have pipe dreams of making my custom tuned app, with repeats and better categorization w/o sacrificing skimmability)

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