Once you have a mobile system that works…

I was looking at the App Store the other day and yet again I found nothing that I wanted to install. It has been this way for about a year now and I think it is because I have reached a point where everything works for me in such a familiar way.
The occasional game may find its way to my iPhone, but as far as apps are concerned I seem to have everything I need. Apple Notes for notes, PocketMoney for finance, miCal as a calendar, Pocket Casts for podcasts, TomTom, ToDo, Monzo etc etc. It is all very static and is highly unlikely to change.
And then I got to wondering if an increasing number of people are in the same boat as me; serial app downloaders who found a place and who don’t need to move from it. Besides the fact that the majority of people only download a handful of apps, you then have the stagnation of people like me. I do wonder how this is effecting app sales and if it is only adding to the repetitive releases we see now.
To be fair, there are only so many variances that can be created and there are millions of apps, but it seems to me as if the boom times are over. Do you agree?

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  1. Agreed. I may try a few that are talked about or launched but unless I need that app I am not going to be installing it normally unless it does something revolutionary. I probably have about 20 apps I need really and interact with regularly.

  2. Same here. I don’t go looking for replacement apps. I have a wishlist if the price goes down but those are interest items rather than day to day. I do buy the odd puzzle game.

  3. I don’t do much downloading, though recently I’ve replaced my Agenda app because it shows tasks on the time that you set it, but mainly because I was bored. Today I installed a cool widget called Sectograph, which is a clock and an agenda widget in one. It shows how much time until your next agenda item, how long it’s set for, and how much time you have between each appointment. And of course it’s a clock. When you click on it it shows your appointments in more detail, you can move through the day and the week. I’ve got to play some more, but it’s pretty cool and useful for when I’m back to my full on schedule.
    I also recenly installed AndrOpenOffice since I kinda use my phone like a laptop with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. But apart from those recent changes, things were pretty stable and boring app wise.

  4. Absolutely agree. More over, this, along with questions about music library management, are what seemed poised to keep me permanently in the Apple camp – having spent almost a decade finding and acclimating to specific apps, hardware improvements or even the promise of less braindead voice recognition aren’t enough to pull me away.

    That said, I do have a pipedream of learning React Native and making the PERFECT for me Todo app and calorie counter.

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