Podcasts you should be listening to


*The Ezra Klein Show — Thoughtful, deep conversations between Vox Media editor-in-chief Ezra Klein and guests about news, politics, literature, or whatever rabbit hole Klein wants to go down. This recent interview with Patrick Brown, founder of the plant-based-burger startup Impossible Foods, was especially delicious.

*FlashForward — Produced by science journalist Rose Eveleth, this show explores scenarios for possible and not-so-possible futures, using short fictional introductions as an entry device. One episode from the first season, for instance, asked how life might be different if we all lost the ability to recognize faces. The show used to be called Meanwhile In the Future and used to be affiliated with Gizmodo. Starting with Season Two, Flash Forward got its new name and joined Boing Boing’s growing podcast network… More at Xconomy.

Excellent list which is well worth checking out. Thanks to Tom for the link.

There were a lot of amazing podcasts we discovered this year, here are all the ones we featured in our app in 2016. From timeless story telling to pop culture to science there’s a podcast in here for everyone… More at Pocket Casts.

Another useful resource for discovering new shows to listen to.

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