The Man Safe

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As the pace of life seems to constantly increase with every passing day, that which helps to optimize our lives becomes a welcome benefit. The MAN SAFE reinvents what a safe can be, and more importantly, how you can make use of it. The MAN SAFE is your hub – it’s where you securely store daily necessities like car keys, wallet, and phone; as well as important items that aren’t accessed daily but always need to be at the ready, like passports, precious metals, family heirlooms, and important documents. By equipping the safe with cutting-edge features that streamline its use, coupled with the thoughtful inclusion of luxurious materials, the MAN SAFE functions as beautifully as it looks… More here.

I guess you would need to own a ‘lot’ of valuable goods to need one of these.

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4 replies

  1. Since when do family heirlooms always need to be at the ready? And by precious metals, do they mean jewelry? If so, why not say so. If not, I doubt it has room for the gold bricks everyone has.

  2. Can’t women use it?

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