Apple, where did the magic go?

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My iPhone 7 updated to 10.2 without any issues whatsoever. But had I updated my Apple Watch to watchOS 3.1.1, I would have bricked it. Following reports of borked Apple Watches, Apple pulled the software update without further explanation.

It felt like I had heard this story almost too many times this year in regards to Apple’s software, so I did search and it turns out I wasn’t going crazy… More here.

Bob sent me the above link over the weekend and it is just one of many recent articles, and podcasts, discussing Apple’s overall quality. There have been many small problems this year such as MacBook Pro battery issues, bricking Apple Watches, for me the continual audio bug on my iPhone SE and a raft of other small mis-steps that add up to a lack of focus that was most certainly there before.

What is strange is that there also seems to be a lack of new products coming from Apple that would require more people to create. macOS Sierra, the iPhone 7 models, MacBook Pros and a new Apple Watch- that is possibly a weaker line up than we have seen in recent years so what are the people doing?

We can only presume a car project of some sort, but boy is that a dangerous move. It has to work, it has to ‘change everything’ and it has to be extremely profitable for Apple to continue the past decade’s success.

We saw a flattening of profits, many of us experienced a new form of Apple customer service, a type that is not so focused on the customer, but rather on how much each interaction will cost. In effect, we saw Apple becoming more like other organisations which is the last thing we want Apple to be.

I do hope that Apple has a re-think and looks at its current core products, but suspect that the focus has shifted to 1) keeping the investors happy and 2) building new products that are not wholly related to phones, laptops etc. It seems to me that Apple is looking at something new for the future and that we will just have to get used to it.

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  1. I hate to say it, because Apple is/was more than one person, but it’s pretty obvious that Steve Jobs made all the difference. Based on everything I’ve read, he was pretty autocratic. If he didn’t like something, it got changed. None of this by committee or compromise crap for Steve. Luckily, for us and Apple, for the most part what he liked was what we liked or could be sold on. I’m sure he was hell to work for. For him, the end justified the means. He’s not the only person who’s run a company that way, but the other is by far more common. And how many genius products do we have?

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