Try Alexa for 79p


Astra is a smart personal assistant powered by Alexa Voice Services. Astra listens as you speak, and then replies through the speaker or headphones connected to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Try out Alexa Voice Services before you purchase an Echo. Use Astra as a remote for your Smart Devices when away from home. Test your Skills as you develop them.

Set up your city location, sports team preferences, news feed preferences, smart devices, home and work locations, and enable Skills through the Alexa app for more personalized information… More here.

It’s a bit hit and miss, but already feels like a grown up Siri.

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  1. My least favorite bit about Siri is less the interaction with her and more this stupid little shuffle you can get into if you delay after pressing the home button – it’s way to easy to get caught in a “Sorry, i didn’t quite get that “loop w/ written suggestions of prompts to try, like too people trying to talk at the same time on a bad long distance line…

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