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No matter what happened to my body, I never felt like it was dangerous for me to keep working. I knew I was irritable and sometimes terse, and I didn’t smell the best, but I didn’t think anything I did was unsafe. Sleep experts often liken sleep-deprived people to drunk drivers: They don’t get behind the wheel thinking they’re probably going to kill someone. But as with drunkenness, one of the first things we lose in sleep deprivation is self-awareness… More at The Atlantic.

Excellent article and quite revealing.

You’d be hard pushed to find a fitness tracker out there that doesn’t measure sleep in some capacity, but you’d also be forgiven for not understanding what all of the data means.

Nobody knows what the function of sleep is. We know we need it to live, but the exact reasons still evade science. Wearable and connected devices are making us more alert to the importance of sleep, and further improvements in technology will make these devices more accurate at tracking and helping us make use of this data, as time goes on… More at Wareable.

Some useful information here as well for those of you who do not check your sleep tracker too deeply.

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