You buy a replacement phone from Apple and this is what happens…

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My son’s iPhone 6 broke recently. It was bent and eventually the screen stopped working.

So, I visited the Apple and had a really poor experience which resulted in me walking away from the store. I then did some research and found out that Three guarantee iPhone for 24 months and that they would pay for a bent phone to be repaired if I sent it to Apple.

I sent the phone away and paid £276 for a replacement iPhone 6 which is now with Three to refund. It’s an OK deal (if the refund comes through) and means that I am not out of pocket, but two things annoy me here.

The first is that Apple would not admit the obvious problem with the bendy iPhone 6 which has been written about on many websites, but more annoying is the letter I received with the replacement phone.

Why is it only covered for 90 days? If I have paid for a new phone, whether it be new or refurbished, surely that should come with the 12 months warranty. A call to Apple got me nowhere and apparently this is normal practice, but that does not seem fair to me.

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  1. I suspect that replacement warranties are based on the consumer laws of the country you’re in. I just replaced my wife’s iPad and as I recall, the refurbished unit has a one year warranty.

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