The horrible iPhone shutdown bug has me writing a link-bait article

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I’ve been an iPhone loyalist ever since I ditched my BlackBerry in college, but the newest iPhone battery problem is making me seriously consider switching to Android for the first time.

Over the past few weeks, a ton of iPhone users have reported that their phones shut off randomly with about 30% battery left.

The actual title of the article was ‘The horrible iPhone shutdown bug has me considering switching to Android for the first time’, but seriously. Is a temporary bug really going to make anyone switch?

I have a long-running bug on my SE at the moment which I can’t seem to resolve, but I’m not switching because of it. Every other day I lose all sound and if I try to play a podcast when it is in that state the podcast file will be deleted automatically. I have to power off the phone to get it working again, but it has happened through various versions of iOS for the past 4 months. Very odd.

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