Galaxy 8 to not have a headphone jack?

Apple invited a wave of controversy earlier this year when it decided to remove the iPhone’s headphone jack, replacing it with headphones that connected to the handset’s charging port, and was lampooned for describing the move as an act of “courage”.
But it appears that its arch-rival Samsung is set to follow in the company’s footsteps next year by releasing the next version of its flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, without the 3.5mm audio port… More at The Telegraph. 

Surprising. Really surprising. 

2 thoughts on “Galaxy 8 to not have a headphone jack?

  1. I don’t know if they’re blindly copying Apple’s ideas, whether good or bad, or whether they actually think this is the way of the future.

    1. Yeah, it really raises that question! It would seem like such an easier, positive differentiator for Samsung for at least a few years, and I’m saying that as an Apple fan.

      My experience w/ BT headphones was pretty bad – the sound would cut out so I gave ’em up. And linking with my GF’s car stereo and my own little bedside units is hit or miss. It feels Apple recgonizes the deficiency and so made the “AirPods” using better link up tech – will Samsung be doing likewise?

      I guess Samsung can say “hey, at least we’re USB-C and not propiertary lightning” – I think it’s a weakness that I wouldn’t be able to swap headphones to my Apple laptop from my Apple phone… still this announcement feels more like an Apple fanboy writing an Onion article.

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