On a Brighter Note about Apple Customer Service

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On a brighter note about Apple customer service, my wife and I went to our local Apple Store, Bayshore Ottawa if anyone cares, to replace her iPad. It had dropped on a concrete floor and had a lovely large snowflake in one corner. She had made an appointment at the Genius Bar. The store was fairly busy, it being a Sunday in December before Christmas, but we were signed in as soon as we made our way to the back. Being busy I expected a long delay, but it was only 5 minutes.

The “genius” was polite and directly helpful. As soon as he saw the screen and ascertained that we wanted a fix, he told us that Apple doesn’t repair screens, but he did have replacement options. I was also impressed that he addressed himself mainly to my wife and didn’t talk down at all. Good thing, because although she’s not as much of a geek as I am, she was a software developer for many years. I was there mainly to pay for the repair/replacement as a Christmas gift.

He went over the list of options, based on what refurbished units they had in stock. They had an identical model, so that’s what she chose. He brought it out, checked that it would start, and asked about a backup which she had done. He then had her wipe the old iPad. I paid, and we were done. 15 to 20 minutes tops. Other than having to actually pay money, a very pleasant experience.


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