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I realise that at times recently I have been negative towards Apple, but I stand by what I have written because I am certain that the company is changing in terms of how it views customer service and what is considered to be going beyond expectations. This article, however, deals with something that has been ‘wrong’ for some time now and is an issue that many of you have likely experienced.

Apple’s charging cables are terrible! We have 5 official cables in the house and every one of them has cracks near the top through daring to attach them to our phones. I have tried replacement cables from lesser brands, but mileage varies greatly in terms of how long they will charge for before they give up the ghost and so we have stuck with the official ones. Initially it happened to my children whom I naturally blamed for not being careful enough with them. I blame everything that goes wrong in our house on my children because that is what they are there for.

And then it happened to my wife’s charging cable, and then the one I keep in the car as well. All of our cables have exposed wires and are likely dangerous so it was time to replace them. My first thought was to visit the Apple store with 2 cords and see what happened. I gave serial numbers for both phones (both less than a year old) and was told that they had been damaged due to customer mis-use. All it took was a 2 second look for the ‘genius’ to come to that conclusion.

I laughed and asked if the one behind me attached to a display iPad had been mis-used- it had a crack in it near the top. He just looked at me. I then explained that every cable we own has gone through this problem and that we are careful with them, well my wife and I are. His response was that I could purchase replacements for £19 each…

£76 to replace all 4 cables which would no doubt break again. Yes, not no doubt. They would break again because they always do, they absolutely always break because Apple has never solved this problem and why would it want to if it costs £19 a pop for a bit of wire wrapped in plastic which breaks again and again.

I asked to speak to the store manager and his attitude was slightly more sympathetic, but not to the point that anything positive would happen. A request for them to explain how these cables had been mis-used was not answered with any facts and the stand-off continued. It annoyed me beyond most experiences in any store, let alone an Apple store that used to be so good at customer service. I continued to argue until the store manager walked away with me shouting behind him.

The end result was a security person coming to get me and who politely led me out of the store while I was shouting “xxxx you, xxxx your stupid cables.” and a few other choice phrases at the store manager’s back.

So that’s it. I have to pay £76 for more cables that will break and likely would have to repeat this process again in the future over and over.

PS. no need to contact me on Twitter and explain how your Apple cables have never broken, this happens with most negative Apple articles I write.

Neil just added this thought via Twitter- “I now keep an Amazon Lightning cable as a spare in a drawer, for when the next one breaks. Replaced one last week.”

A sad state of affairs.

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  1. Amazon Basics cables for the win, certified so they don’t stop working. Currently £9.49 for a pack of two.
    I’ve been reasonably lucky with mine, had 3 end up like yours out of probably around 15+ cables I’ve had since they were introduced with the iPhone 5.
    First one I threw away, the other two I repaired with a heat gun and heat shrink sleeving.
    The cables outer sleeve seem to rot and not confined to lightning cables either, happens on MacBook chargers near the MagSafe connector, both my daughter and my mates daughter have gone through multiple chargers.
    My mate reckons his daughter must secrete acid through her pores.

  2. Both my last teens/early 20’s kids have had problems with their cables, but I have to say in the years I’ve owned a 3G, 4, 5 and now a 6 plus an iPad Air, I’ve never had a cable go on me. Perhaps I’m just lucky?

  3. I’ve had good luck with cables as well, from Apple or Amazon (well, wherever). Partly it’s because I keep my iPad and iPhone in Belkin docks near my iMac. But it’s been years since I had to replace one.

  4. I have three that have gone bad; a fourth I successfully exchanged at Apple store. Also a couple of my Apple headphone cables has shredded. I bought a Moshi USB Cable w/ Lightning Connector from for my car (it is permanently mounted) and it has lasted two years (September 15, 2014) with me using it at least twice every day. Very durable.

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