Android malware scares are rarely scary


Research like this is important work done by very smart people. But make no mistake, the goal is to drum up publicity and (eventually) sell you security software. That’s why new Android vulns come with catchy nicknames and sometimes even logos — particularly around the time of the big hacker conferences like Defcon and Black Hat. It’s a neat pre-packaged story sure to attract attention, easily turned into headlines like “Android users beware: Over 900 MILLION smartphones are vulnerable to this crippling hack.” (That was British tabloid The Mirror on QuadRooter, by the way.)

That sounds scary, but it’s in the interest of those doing the disclosing (and, let’s be honest, the clickthirsty online media) to wave their arms around and make it appear as bad as possible… More at Android Central.

Many iPhone users, like me, quietly (or loudly) sneer at the problems Android faces from time to time, but it’s good to see the counter-argument.

One thought on “Android malware scares are rarely scary

  1. Great article, and of course I passed the link on to my brother. We both started out on Psion, he is in IT and took the Microsoft route, I’m in education and went with Apple. Years later he’s an avid iOS and Linux user, and I’m on Android and Microsoft (though admittedly that’s only because I haven’t found a way to plug my phone into the VGA interactive whiteboard my school works with Microsoft unlike where I started my career.)

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