Kahuna KUS-0103G Watch Review


Brand: Kahuna

Case width: 44mm

Case depth: 13mm

Gender: Men’s

Case material: Stainless Steel

Water resistance: 50 metres

Movement: Japanese Quartz

MPN: KUS-0103G (link)

Price: £19.99 – £31.96 (RRP is £39.95)


Kahuna is likely not a name you will consider when purchasing a new watch for a number of different reasons. For a start the company has very little recognition within the watch world and the watches tend to be sold in outlets that do not specialise in watches. The pricing is extremely low, right at the budget end, and so many will overlook them for that reason alone.

When buying a watch, the motivations tend to be emotional as well as practical and so watches in the budget area are often overlooked for this reason alone. However, the Kahuna KUS-0103G has more merit than you may expect at such a low price point.

It comes in an attractive circular box with three leather wristbands and in my case, I purchased it for less than £20. As I was looking for a wristband anyway this made for a decent experiment. I didn’t expect, however, to be so impressed with the watch after 2 weeks.

There is little doubt where the design inspiration for this particular Kahuna comes from and it becomes even more apparent when you look at some of the variations on offer. From the bezel to the face to the hands to the crown, there is without doubt ‘Rolex’ inspirations going on here.


The thing is that it really does work here and it makes the watch look much more expensive than it is. Now, I am not someone who likes homage watches at all and believe that a decent £100 Seiko is a much better buy than any £100 homage. After all, you should be buying the watch for yourself and not for others to think it is something it is not. Having said that, there is still some attention to detail going on with this Kahuna and I do like wearing it for a number of different reasons.

It has proved to be deadly accurate, more so than my £300 Seiko or the Casios I own with just 1 second being lost in 14 days. With it being quartz, the other watches are only marginally worse, but it’s still a surprise to see a watch at this price remain so accurate.

The magnifier over the date window is somewhat pointless and does little to improve the legibility of the current date, and the lume lasts for about 20 seconds if you are lucky. With the bezel offering a highly cheap click when turned and a disturbing high-pitched echo when you tap, there are elements that really do highlight the budget nature of this watch, but these will only be noticeable to you.

At under £20 from some retailers, we can expect areas of poor quality, but it remains a real looker of a watch that offers much more personality than could reasonably be expected.


Overall ratings

Build quality: 6/10

Accuracy: 9/10

Design: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10

Overall: 31/40

A surprisingly attractive watch which has proved to be deadly accurate after 2 week’s of testing. This is not a watch that you can expect to wear for many years, but it is a decent choice as a timepiece to wear when you want to protect your favourite watch. For the price, it really is good value for money.

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