How reblogging works: This BGR story just copied AppleInsider’s story, including misattributing quotes to me… Tweet by Jason Snell.

And here is the BGR story which as Jason said is highly questionable, but that is what many of us have come to expect. BGR is hardly a site that will be held up for offering a pleasing reader experience or for not grabbing any visitor they can.

Like many sites, BGR has a habit of repeating article genre such as ‘these apps have been reduced to free today’ or ‘ten apps to help you cook a goat’ and this kind of tech journalism seems to be rampant now.

Maybe it is because there is not much ‘amazing’ tech news around or that the luster of new devices is wearing thin, but it seems to me that the mad scramble for traffic is getting more violent as the number of visitors diminishes. A shame.

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  1. Yep, loads of tech sites have gone to the dogs. What I like about LIM is that it has a bit of everything. I quite like youtube now for tech content.

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