Over time I have come to realise that numbers, or rather real-time tracking, are becoming more prevalent in my life and I am starting to wonder what the benefits are.

Fitness and sleep numbers are difficult to ignore after you have tracked yourself for a long period of time and I do find myself checking to see if there are any apparent trends. However, I also find that if I am not getting enough sleep or am not moving around enough, I really do not care and carry on as normal, so I guess their familiarity does actually cause me to ignore them after all.


Stats for Lost In Mobile are checked now and then, but I do make efforts to avoid doing so purely on the basis that chasing numbers is never a good thing. It leads to adding content for the sake of it and potentially posting click-bait that serves no long term purpose. The stats have grown well over the weeks since I started the site up again, but not really understanding what causes the growth is likely beneficial to creating something that is genuine and positive.

I guess the more I think about this, the more I realise that all of these numbers are just a blur that I view occasionally for no good reason. Maybe I could use them to improve myself, but I do wonder if only a small percentage of people actually take all of the tracking that is available to them seriously? I don’t know many people who see these numbers are more than just a novelty.

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