Out of habit, I often look around for bargains and tend to look at certain online stores. Without looking for Black Friday deals (I hate Black Friday!) I have noticed a disturbing trend that many of you are no doubt aware of, but I think it’s worse than I ever expected.
The main stores I have checked recently are Amazon, H Samuel, PC World and Argos, and boy are they taking the p*ss! I haven’t had time to get all of the details, but Argos in particular seems to be guilty of suddenly putting watches up to a price that I have never seen before. Rotary watches for example (tip: never buy a Rotary watch) which are always discounted because they are always overpriced are all of a sudden commanding full RRP. I am writing this on the evening before Black Friday so will check back tomorrow to see if they have magically dropped back to ‘amazing’ sale prices.

The same is true if you take the time to look around; almost all of the usual discounts are gone, many of which appear to stay static for the year, and they are all full price. It’s obvious what will happen on Black Friday, but it is deception pure and simple.

Amazon get a bad name for Black Friday deals, but a Kindle Paperwhite at £79 and a Fire Tablet at £29 are bargains, and there are some decent offerings available.

To me, however, Black Friday has become an extreme illusion which does nothing for the credibility of the stores who mess around with pricing in such an obvious way and even more importantly, it lessens the perceived value of the products they are changing the prices for. Such a shame.

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  1. I totally agree. I hate the whole black Friday shyte. To me it’s like they’re telling me how much they rip me off the rest of the year!

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