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For a long long time I used Squarespace and was perfectly happy with the service, and then I stopped for a while because I realised that blogging wasn’t doing much for me anymore, and presumably not for you readers.

Recently I decided to set up Lost In Mobile again and naturally looked at Squarespace. It took under a minute for me to discount it as a service because of the hike in prices that did not seem to equate with any real changes in features or quality.

Squarespace had publicly said that it was ‘experimenting with pricing to benefit customers’, but strangely the company did not experiment with cheaper pricing. Odd that. It made me think about what Squarespace really offers and so I thought I would try WordPress just to see if it was worth a go.

And here I am 2 months later, still using WordPress, and finding it to be just as usable and reliable as Squarespace. It’s also much cheaper and the way the stats are presented gives me a reason to keep pushing harder to grow the site again.

Every week has resulted in more visitors, more views, more likes and more comments, and this is enough to stop me from slacking off and letting that upward curve drop.

There is no doubt that Squarespace offers a beautiful interface and some highly professional templates, but it occured to be that much of that is fluff at the end of the day. I can make a professional site on WordPress, professional enough to get the message over, and save a lot of money in the long run as well.

However, it isn’t about money because after 2 months with WordPress I wouldn’t go back to Squarespace anyway. It just works too well and is in my opinion (for my needs) a better solution.

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  1. WordPress every-time for me.Whether just starting out or wanting something bigger there is lots of scope.

  2. Good to know. I may be switching my website soon.

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