Android is getting closer


Out of curiosity I tried a Samsung tablet with what I believe is the latest version of Android. Considering that when I last tried Android many years ago, I found it a bit clunky, today’s version is every bit as slick as iOS, at least for the 5 minutes I tried it. For the average user, I couldn’t see any significant difference in usage between the two. Obviously 5 minutes is too short a time to investigate in detail, but almost everything seemed intuitive. Those things that weren’t would become automatic in no time, just like iOS. And I did like the direct access to the file system. I wouldn’t say that I was stunned because I would expect a lot of advancement over the years, but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. The next time I need a new phone, I’ll have some serious deciding to do.

I mirror these thoughts and understand where Bob is coming from. Android is getting closer to iOS for hardened iOS users and does feel much more natural these days. The better each is, the better devices we will all see in the future.

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