Are all phones the same in 2016?


Mike Murphy posted the above photo on Twitter and what an exciting line-up of varied and enticing phone designs it is. At least there is a difference in specifications as shown by Quartz


Yes yes, I am being sarcastic, but there is some merit in the argument that modern phones are practically identical in all of the ways that matter. The only real difference is between iOS and Android because the hardware has grown so similar as to make it almost impossible for someone to choose what to buy, unless they are a bit of a geek about such things.

This quote from the Quartz article linked above sums up where we are at the moment-

But really the decision for what smartphone to buy comes down to whether you prefer iOS or Android, and then whether you want a home button, and where you’d like your fingerprint scanner to be placed. These phones are all about as good as each other, most of them costing between $500 and $700, without any cell carrier subsidies. What you’re left with is what brands you’re loyal to and how big a fan you are of rose gold.

I do hope that there is a big leap forward next year. I really do.

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  1. Out of curiosity I tried a Samsung tablet with what I believe is the latest version of Android. Considering that when I last tried Android many years ago, I found it a bit clunky, today’s version is every bit as slick as iOS, at least for the 5 minutes I tried it. For the average user, I couldn’t see any significant difference in usage between the two. Obviously 5 minutes is too short a time to investigate in detail, but almost everything seemed intuitive. Those things that weren’t would become automatic in no time, just like iOS. And I did like the direct access to the file system. I wouldn’t say that I was stunned because I would expect a lot of advancement over the years, but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. The next time I need a new phone, I’ll have some serious deciding to do.

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