Dumping on Apple


Seems like we’re dumping on Apple a lot lately. But I just read this excerpted from an Ars Technica article:

iFixit also found a smaller (albeit still firmly glued-in) battery—something we already knew about from the spec sheet—as well as something odd about the speakers. The speakers don’t actually line up with the speaker grilles on either side of the keyboard, and in fact in the Touch Bar MacBook Pro those grilles are entirely cosmetic. Sound is actually routed through the laptop’s air vents.

Here’s the full article.

A glued in battery and speakers that don’t line up with the grills. I know who would have had a fit if this had been presented to him. Also the SSD is soldered to the motherboard and don’t even think about upgrading your RAM.

Maybe this really is the computer for the rest of us. The rest of us as in the majority who would never consider upgrading their computer and don’t need pro grade performance. The ones who use it for email, the internet, and other applications that don’t tax the system.

I shudder to see what happens with the new iMac. Hope I’m wrong.


Bob is almost writing the site for me at the moment so it seems, but he is dead right. Apple will offer nothing for power users at their peril.

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