Amazon’s Japanese Kindle

Japanese comics, called manga, are hugely popular. Although you probably knew that, you probably don’t know the extent of it. In 2015, Japan’s bestselling manga series, One Piece, sold more than 14 million copies. It helps that the format runs a hugely broad spectrum of topics; they’re not just action-packed comics aimed at children but foodie series, sports, alcohol, comedy, romance and more. There are also plenty of one-off manga novels, like Steve Jobs: The Manga, to name one (ridiculous) example. It makes plenty of sense, then, for Amazon Japan to launch a special manga-focused edition of its e-reader, with faster page turning and eight times the storage for your digital manga collection… More at TUAW.

Understandable why Amazon makes such a Kindle for Japan, but it would be nice to see some small enhancements to our Kindles in the West.

It would be great if we could easily transfer long-form articles to a Kindle and if they could be displayed with the imagery intact, but with the same minimalist reading experience there to enjoy.

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