Anti-virus software and Macs

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If you start to notice really weird advertisements popping up in strange places on popular websites like YouTube, you might be infected. These ads tend to feature adult content or claim that a virus has been detected on your device and will often appear in places that you don’t normally see ads.

You may discover that your personal email or social networking sites are sending out messages that you didn’t write. If this happens, you should immediately change your password to stop any more messages being sent from your account… More at iMore.

It’s an age-old question, but one to think about now and then.

One thought on “Anti-virus software and Macs

  1. While the chance of a Mac being infected by a virus is quite small, it is possible. There is also malware to consider. As well, emailing or transfering files to Windows PCs can easily spread Windows-specific viruses. I run an on-access virus scanner and run MalwareBytes every so often. Sometimes it’s something seemingly innocent unintentionally picked up from a web site.

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