Take away features (and add dongles) with care


Everyone said they’d be nuts to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone. And they’d be nuts to discard the MagSafe connector. And they’d be nuts to have but a single port on a MacBook, and a non-current standard one at that. And they wouldn’t switch ALL the ports on the MacBook Pro. Apple can do anything they want and they’ll suffer the consequences.

It’s one thing to remove or replace something, but there have to be viable alternatives. I don’t think Thunderbolt was very popular. Nor was Firewire. And peripherals were significantly more expensive. What if Apple had only those ports on their Macs. I doubt they would have gotten anywhere. I wouldn’t have seen it as a big deal if they had 2 of each.

I took a quick look on Amazon.ca for USB-C. I had to go to the second page before I found a portable hard drive. All the rest were dongles, or hubs, or disk enclosures. And the USB-C version was $50 more than the USB 3.0 version.

Dongles/Adapters are fine except that sometimes you have to plug directly into a port on the machine. Case in point, I find that if I plug my iPhone or iPad into a USB hub that’s connected to my iMac, rather than directly into my iMac, that iTunes has trouble connecting.

A decent summing up by Bob of the current Apple situation. Not so sure this one is going to go away as quickly as previous feature removals.

2 thoughts on “Take away features (and add dongles) with care

  1. Is lightning any better than USB-C? I feel like if they had picked ONE standard for everything, there would at least be a bit more sugar on this bitter pill.

    But http://www.theverge.com/2016/11/5/13523372/usb-c-macbook-adapter-donglelife-problems-thunderbolt indicates it’s still pretty bitter. It reminds me of when USB was supplanting Serial ports in the mid-late 90s; everything was a bit hit and miss. One step forward, 2/3 step back.

  2. I remember the Lightning introduction. It was annoying but understandable and there was only one port/connector. The MacBook Pro has 4. I still think 2 and 2 would have quieted most of the fuss.

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