Annotable for iOS


Features (many are free, some are unlocked with purchases):
◉ All the expected common tools: rectangles, ovals, arrows, lines, and texts.
◉ Fully customizable: 8 colors, 5 sizes, 3 outlines.
◉ Stylishly obscure private information with Blur and 3 styles × 5 granularities of Pixelations.
◉ Or on the contrary, highlight something with Spotlights.
◉ If you really want to focus on a particular spot use a Loupe.
◉ You can even mark text on screenshots of apps like Notes, Twitter, and Safari. It feels like magic, and can really save the day when you want to share a web page screenshot with some words highlighted but forgot to select the words when you took the screenshot.
◉ Fully support Action Extension, Photo Editing Extension, Edits Sync via iCloud Photo Library, URL Schemes, 3D Touch, Wide Color…Annotable utilizes your powerful iOS system to the extreme.

Looks great. Been looking for something like Annotable for a long time.

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