WALTR 2: send anything to your iPhone

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 19.13.22.png

The premise of WALTR 2 is quite superb and could mean that many people could say goodbye to iTunes forever. Must admit, however, that I can’t remember the last time I used it.

WALTR 2 goes beyond iOS devices. It now includes support for the entire lineup of Apple iPods starting from the original iPod Classic built in 2001. When you connect an iPod to your computer, WALTR 2 instantly detects it and shows up on your launch screen. All music formats are supported, including FLAC, APE. This is the best time to blow the dust off your favourite music players.

Apple’s iBooks app for iOS is perfect for both – reading books & managing your documents. WALTR 2 brings full support for EPUB and PDF formats. When pushed into WALTR 2 – your books and documents appear in your iBooks app available from the corresponding tab. And as always, you don’t need to install any 3rd party iOS apps for this.

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