When was the last time you used a signature?


For example, the Parker Duofold Big Red used by General Douglas MacArthur to sign a surrender document aboard USS Missouri – effectively signalling the end of the Second World War – is now proudly displayed at the Cheshire Military Museum in Chester.

But is this where ink pens and hand-written signatures now belong – in museums?

On 1 July 2016, the European Union implemented new rules for electronic signatures, giving them the same legal weight as their “wet” – or ink-based – written counterparts.

The new eIDAS (European Identity and Trust Services) regulation has effectively put an end to a confusing patchwork of laws, making them consistent across every EU country… More at the BBC.

I genuinely cannot remember when I last signed my name.

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  1. Wait ’til you have to settle an estate or do something legal. In the states there is a signature for everything still.

  2. Every day I sign a lunch form to confirm the student has filled it in right, and some classes have an incidents sheet I have to sign, but for those things I have a short signature, not my formal one. That I used last Friday to confirm the hours I do, when and what subjects I teach. Yep, I’m still signing stuff left right and centre!

  3. Still signing cheques. In fact I have to sign a cheque even if I deposit it electronically. And I still write a few cheques every month. Sometimes electronic transfer doesn’t do it, like gifts. I do use an electronic signature when possible for consent forms that are sent by pdf.

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