Mobile signal ‘not spots’

Photo 29-10-2016, 08 58 53.jpg
A detailed telecom network schematic, for a politician.

Ministers must act to end mobile signal “not spots” that mean some overseas visitors have better phone reception than people using UK networks, a cross-party group of almost 90 MPs said on Friday.

The British Infrastructure Group (BIG), led by former Conservative chairman and minister Grant Shapps, said the time for excuses from the mobile network providers was over.

In a report, the MPs said it was “unacceptable that areas in Britain continue to have such poor mobile connectivity, and that overseas visitors can expect better mobile coverage than Britons stuck with a single provider”. More at The Guardian.

While I agree with the argument that tourists should not be getting better coverage (to a point when you consider that phones can switch between networks when roaming which does not happen naturally when on your home network), but it feels that politicians sometimes think that mobile networks and broadband networks come out of thin air.

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