TAG Heuer Connected Watch (Solid Gold: $9,900)


In November 2015, TAG Heuer announced a dedicated smart watch dubbed “The Connected Watch”. The watch itself was nothing really ground-breaking, using existing Google and Intel technology, but in the case of what appeared to be a large TAG Heuer mechanical watch. I was on stage for the launch, and the difference between this TAG Heuer and say, oh, I dunno, the Apple Watch, is that the TAG Heuer featured the form factor of a traditional wristwatch. I think many were skeptical about the legs of such a product that was 46mm in diameter with a price of $1,500 using technology available elsewhere for far less – but it has seemingly worked. And what’s more, as of today, this watch is now available in solid rose gold. Price? $9,900… More at Hodinkee.

Crazy. Sorry, but almost $10,000 for an Android Wear watch? It didn’t work for Apple, but in the strange strange world of pretend luxury watches, Tag could pull it off…

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