Smartwatch shipments dropping

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.09.01.png

The smartwatch market isn’t quite as red-hot as it looked in recent months. IDC estimates that smartwatch shipments fell by just shy of 52 percent year-over-year in the third quarter of 2016, with the biggest names often being the hardest hit. Apple was still the top dog, but its shipments fell almost 72 percent to 1.1 million. Samsung’s shipments were virtually flat, while Lenovo and Pebble saw their unit numbers drop sharply. Interestingly, the only company in the top five to see a big surge was Garmin — its shipments more than tripled to 600,000. Should the industry be worried? Not necessarily… More at engadget.

I guess it is possible that the new Apple Watch models caused a huge surge in numbers, but I don’t quite see that. Over time, I see smart watches taking a fair chunk of the market, but as it stands it would appear that watches in general are declining. Just maybe people are not wearing them like they used to- I work in a team of 8 people and only 3 of us wear watches (average age is +40). Scary for the watch industry if this is replicated elsewhere.

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