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Let me add here a note about something that’s been bothering me for months: the notion that Apple is going to do something “special” next year to commemorate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. I would wager heavily that they won’t. Apple under Tim Cook is a little bit more prone to retrospection than it was under Steve Jobs, who was almost obsessively forward-thinking, but only slightly. They made a 40-years-in-40-seconds video to commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary this year, for example, but it was only 40 seconds long. Blink and you missed it.

Apple is not going to make a special edition of any product — let alone the iPhone, their most important product — just to mark an anniversary. Don’t tell me about the 20th Anniversary Macintosh — that was a product from the old Apple that was heading toward bankruptcy, and a perfect example of why they shouldn’t do something special to mark something as arbitrary as an anniversary… More at DF.

Maybe John is right given the following-

Today is the iPod’s 15th birthday, her Quiñceanera if you will. While some tech blogs celebrated—the International Business Times even coined it National iPod Day—the most important people appear to have forgotten: Apple, the iPod’s own daddy. No press release. No tweet from the Apple official account, or Apple Music or Apple Support. No tweet from Tim Cook. Steve Jobs is too busy either hanging with the tech angels in future heaven to notice, or caught in a circle of hell where the fires are fueled by Galaxy Note 7s, weeping for his sweet iPod… More at Gizmodo.

It does seem that Apple looks forward and in the case of the iPod, it is probably understandable that the company would not want to focus on a product which is a mere sliver of current revenues and profits.

However, I still expect a very different iPhone next year for a number of reasons, but the main one being that the iPhone 7 feels like a holding product. Apple’s most important product received a minor update this year and there must be a reason for that- it feels like an iPhone 6ss rather than a 7.

Something tells me that the iPhone 8, or whatever it is called, will be a leap and it really does not matter if it is the 10 year anniversary or not.

On a related note, I really enjoyed this article which includes a selection of iPad memories-

I was at university and I wanted a MiniDisc player but my dad insisted that the iPod was the future. So I queued up by the Apple Store on Tottenham Court Road to get one of the first generation models.

Ironically, I was underwhelmed, I only owned about 12 CDs. Also, it turned out I needed to use a friend’s computer just to load it as the interface wasn’t compatible with my old Mac. I remember for the next few months getting on the tube and giving other people with the iconic white headphones an (admittedly smug) conspiratorial smile. Sadly it died a few years ago.

I wouldn’t be without my iPhone now!

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  1. A “holding product” maybe. Also maybe, I lack imagination, but I don’t know if its holding out for anything I really want in my next phone. There’s already too much form over function and designer showoff in these things; if there wasn’t such a crazy race for thinness, maybe Galaxy Notes wouldn’t be blowing up, and/or maybe Apple wouldn’t be quite so nutso about removing every port it possibly can, from the obvious headphone jack to the semi-pathological port minimalism of the new Macbooks. Does rounded sides and one whole piece of glass or wherever the hell they’re going have enough “this is cool!” frisson to make up for being difficult to hold or find a good case for and not be able to smoothly swap a pair of headphones from phone to laptop ?

    1. I think if Apple could make a device with an iPhone 6 sized screen in an SE sized device, that would be a huge bonus. I know a few people with the SE who love it so much more than the 6 and this could be a boon for Apple.

      1. Yeah. I admit I’m almost tempted by it if I was upgrading rather than replacing battery. The more recent news that they aren’t looking to upgrade the SE is a bummer, though given that the 5C existed makes me think they’re at least somewhat aware of the appeal of the formfactor.

        Still, the drive to thinness prioritized above all else does feel like design wankery, to be crude about it.

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