This is the REAL lie peddled about migrants

This man is drowning for want of a council flat

The first lie we are told is that there are too many migrants here for the perks. Which is fine until you work out that if 11m Syrians have been forced from their homes, 1m of them have claimed asylum in Europe, and the UK has taken in 1,602 of them as of March this year, the lure of the welfare state has drawn 0.014% of homeless Syrians to our shores.

And those Syrian refugees form 0.002% of our population.

The second lie is that we cannot afford it, despite the fact that studies have repeatedly shown migrant populations work harder, for longer, and take fewer benefits than the rest of us. Migrants produce a net financial gain for the UK, and that’s been the case both before and after the formation of the welfare state… More at The Mirror.

The above is often tricky for some to swallow and I have witnessed many times people just dismissing such facts. However, phrases like ‘the country is full’ and ‘we don’t have room for them’ are apparently fine with no real evidence to back them up.

I mainly linked to this because the article is enlightening, but no doubt there are many counter-pieces with a different view. It just feels like the whole idea of migrants is taking over UK and US politics currently and that the majority that is said is complete nonsense.

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  1. Sad but not surprising unfortunately. Canada is unusual in taking so many refugees per capita. I doubt it would have happened with the previous conservative government. That said, they are vetted so it’s not like we are simply opening the doors. And interestingly, the concern is not with accepting refugees, or even the number of refugees, but with the resources to support them. Here’s a poll taken a few months ago:

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