Microsoft Surface sales booming

According to Microsoft’s official numbers, Surface revenue came in at $926 million, up 38 percent compared to the same time last year. The surge for the quarter ending in September was largely due to a positive mix of premium devices sold, specifically top-tier Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 models… More at appleinsider

Not surprised that iPad sales are falling flat, but the Surface numbers are a real surprise. Maybe a pure tablet is not the best of both worlds after all. Then again, I always said that tablets are a long-term fad and still believe that. 

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface sales booming

  1. Mmm… I still don’t buy this hybrid thing. As I don’t see the iPad Pro replacing a laptop. And suddenly I don’t see anyone on public transportation using tablets/iPads. Just phablets.

    And Shaun… I lost touch with you and your websites. Just clicked this “old” link and here you are again. Anyone from the old times around? Sure miss them!

    1. I don’t think of an iPad Pro as a laptop replacement because of the restrictions on iOS. Just maybe MS is onto something with a full PC that looks and feels like a tablet?

      Yes, back now and some people coming back. I haven’t publicised it anywhere though so will take time.

  2. I happened to get a tweet from Shaun in my inbox, and had a look out of curiosity and found that the website lives again. I’ve been scrolling down and reading to find out since when (I haven’t got there yet!) I’m really happy you’re back again, but I feel a little bit bummed about not knowing about it and finding out by chance. The Internet just hasn’t been the same since you quit!

      1. Fair enough. I stumled onto your work way back when in the Sony days, and I’ve been following you ever since (digitally, no stalking here! 😂) though I’ve been more vocal in the latter years. I’m glad you’re back!

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