In praise of Apple Notes


The Notes app has been installed on my iPhones for a long time and has gradually been improved to bring in more features and much more flexibility, and I have completely ignored it. Notefile has been my notes app of choice because I wanted to keep things simple and to just have the data I need; it is text only, syncs very quickly and is perfect for anyone who wants text and nothing else.

Apple Notes on the other hand offers image embedding, drawing, rich links, basic project management and a lot more that makes it a tool you can use for almost any task at hand. I used it to furnish a room, I collate invoices using a single note, I save ideas in another note and any link that looks interesting enough for Lost In Mobile goes in another note.

Photo 19-10-2016, 07 58 35.png

It sounds complex, but it really is not thanks to the way it is embedded into iOS. I can save a Safari link through the normal sharing icon and then specify the note I want to use; a rich link will be added to the note below any content that is already there and I can refer to it later. It organises itself and presents everything as cleanly as you could wish for, and it is an example of what Apple can do when it gets software right.

iCloud is the only choice for syncing notes and so I bit the bullet and gave it a go. To date it has worked perfectly, but I still have a lack of faith and tend to extract them all from time to time just to be safe.

Overall, Apple Notes is becoming one of my most used apps and I am enjoying a variety of advantages that I wish I had taken the time to experience a long time ago. If, like me, you have ignored it in preferences to a third party app, it may be time to give Apple Notes a try.

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