Apple Watch left wrist / Jawbone right wrist


On the left is a screenshot of the Health app showing my steps at 12:57pm yesterday with the Apple Watch as the only source. 1,915 steps.

On the right is a screenshot from my Jawbone UP 2 taken at the same time. 1,486 steps.

That is a huge difference for two trackers that have both been worn at exactly the same time and by the same person (ignore the fact the Health app shows ‘week’- I have only worn it from Thursday morning). I may take this further tomorrow and swap wrists, and then go mad and manually count my steps one day, but something tells me that this whole step tracking thing is nonsense and only good for tracking trends and improvements over long periods of time.

The trend carried on throughout the day and so I was suddenly left bemused as to what to trust. I have used a few Fitbits and they have been terrible for step accuracy in my experience which leaves me wondering just how well engineered step tracking is on any device.

At some point the madness will take over and I will experiment with manual step counting, a Garmin, a Jawbone, a Fitbit and an Apple Watch to see what happens. I suspect that the end result will be a variety of data that effectively proves that these expensive devices are not really doing what they say they should be.

So how about you? What is your experience with fitness bands and smart watches for fitness and step tracking, and do you think it is better not to delve too deeply and to just try to improve on your results every day?

2 thoughts on “Apple Watch left wrist / Jawbone right wrist

  1. It will depend on the person whether it’s worth tracking steps. I don’t bother because I don’t wear my Apple Watch around the house and I’m not out and about enough to make it worthwhile. My wife, on the other hand, who has a dog walking business, tracks her steps and is pleased when she hits her goal. Some people will be motivated, some will think it’s not worth it.

    As for accuracy, I have no idea. I have not tested. I do wonder if raising the watch to look at the time gets counted as a step.

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