You’ll be able to hear a deeper discussion on this between Michael Gartenberg, Serenity Caldwell, special guest James Thomson, and myself on the Apple Talk podcast very soon, but here’s the consensus: Restore the developer account associated with Dash and put Dash back on the App Store. Leave the linked account banned. Monitor Dash going forward the way any other app has been monitored. And that’s it… More at iMore.

You will need to click the link above if you are unaware of the situation with Dash and Apple, but I don’t agree with the consensus reached here. We simply do not have all of the information yet and as one comment quite rightly said-

Try using that logic in any formal, legal setting. Obviously he bears responsibility as to the use of the second account and I suspect that is all Apple wanted him to acknowledge. Had he any sense he would have immediately acknowledged his error in judgement, apologised for any problems caused (however unintentional) and sought to move forward. Denying all responsibility and pointing the finger at Apple was unprofessional, immature and irresponsible.

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