If Steve Jobs designed a watch


No company has such a loyal following. Steve Jobs liked to keep things simple. I love this. He deeply appreciated great design, but ultimately less was more. In that spirit, I will keep this simple. I think, if Steve Jobs were to have designed a watch, it would have looked like a Nomos. Not function like one, but LOOK like one. And here’s why.

I walked into our Revolution offices here in London last week to find a watch, on my desk (better than any birthday or Christmas for a watch geek like myself). The watch was from a brand I have long admired: Nomos – the Ahoi dive watch to be specific.  Why is this important? Well, when I mentioned to Nomos that I’d love to cover the watch, I wasn’t quite sure what to write about it. Then it hit me. On a damp, cold Wednesday morning, I looked down at my wrist and then glanced at my Macbook Pro. A lightbulb went off as I realised that these two products could have been from the same company… More at Revolution.

Good premise for an article, and I really could see Jobs wearing a Nomos or at least thinking that this is what a watch should look like. Nothing unnecessary and a completely obvious design.

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