Apple Watches everywhere

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I bought some silicone spray for my car the other day. How exciting is that?

Anyway, the lady serving me was wearing a stainless steel Apple Watch with a rather fetching leather strap and it looked pretty smart to me.

And then someone turned up with a new Apple Watch at work, with a horrible yellow strap, but they were very much enjoying it.

Over the weekend, I saw more and more Apple Watches and (being really sad) I counted them. In all, I saw 14 Apple Watches over the weekend which is much more than I have seen previously and I do get the sense that the idea is catching on, and seemingly in more of a fashionable way than as a piece of tech.

This is all just perception and smart watches are in no way common, but as I have (really sadly) studied what people are wearing, I have not seen an Android watch anywhere, or a Pebble. Fitbits are the most common fitness trackers I see and alongside the Apple Watch it feels like a two horse race at the moment.

I wonder, however, if the only way the two horses can drop down to one is for people to embrace the Apple Watch which could possibly make it as popular as the iPhone, but within a smaller market?

I have been very sceptical about the Apple Watch, and smart watches in general, but I may have been wrong. Just maybe.

I thought about this some more after reading the following at The Verge.

But that hasn’t slowed down Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT), the partnership between Silicon Valley (Fullpower Technologies) and Switzerland, that gave us the smartwatch modules in the first line of smartwatches from watchmakers Mondaine, Alpine, and Frederique Constant last year. MMT was a subsidiary of Frederique Constant until the watchmaker was acquired by Citizen earlier this year, and MMT was spun out.

Now on its own with a new CEO, MMT is back to making smartwatch modules for Swiss watchmakers — now with new and improved features. Its newest modules will debut in a new line of smartwatches from Frederique Constant in early November.

What exactly is the point of a luxury watch brand making a smart watch when, just like the iPhone, watchOS is way better than the competition according to many?

The watch described above does fitness and sleep tracking, and will alert you to incoming calls and messages using the hour and minute hands. An intriguing idea that does everything it can to hide the smarts and to keep the traditional watch alive, and one that is somewhat silly. Watches that look like an MMT should really have a mechanical movement inside to complete the identity of what it is. Blending two very different watches together doesn’t really work and all it does is play into Apple’s hands. If a luxury watchmaker chose the Android route, that would be an even stranger move and, sadly, one that has already been done by Tag. It’s ridiculous and feels like a hodge bodge of things that should not be put together, and with Apple never likely to let anyone license watchOS, we end up following a familiar path to Apple domination.

For me, the only chance watchmakers have of dealing with the smart watch threat is to do what they did with the quartz threat of the 1970’s and just keep plugging away and hope it goes away. As for Google, I really don’t see where the Android watch is going because it really is not improving at all and the models available are rarely worth the price.

5 thoughts on “Apple Watches everywhere

  1. I’ve got one (embarrassed look). You may now disown me…

    Btw, I found the Gear S2 as a package a lot better – complaints are lack of apps/connectivity (except to samsung), and no cable charging option (only a bulky cradle which is a pain to travel with).

    1. Maybe there is an argument that Android watches do more, but I don’t personally like how they do them at this time. Hopefully they will get a lot smoother.

  2. I also got one. Bought an Apple Watch series 2 last week and kind of enjoying it. Use it most in the office, leaving my mobile on desk and stay connected with Bluetooth in nearby areas, working very good. But when coming home I change to one of my Nomos watches or an Tag Heuer Carrera, a very different feeling 😀

  3. Must admit, I bought an Apple Watch Series 2 last week and kind of enjoying it. I use it mostly in the office, leaving my phone on the desk and stay connected with Bluetooth in nearby offices. This is working very good. But after returning home I change into one of my watches from Nomos or an Tag Heuer Carrera. A very different feeling ..

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