A $3,000 quartz watch? Yes baby.

Unlike most standard quartz movements that are accurate to about 15 seconds per month, the 9F movements are accurate to 10 seconds per year. The movement is designed with extra torque so that larger, more impressive hands can be used. There is also a special system that makes sure the ticking seconds hand is utterly stable as it moves, which prevents that not-so-good-looking “wobble” you see from cheaper quartz movements. As I mentioned, the 9F movements are also designed to work a very long time between servicing and require a battery change each three years or so… More at A Blog To Watch.

It would be easy to sneer at any quartz watch, but the movement in the Grand Seiko SBGX093 Quartz is very, very high-end. And when you watch the video above and see the spring-loaded second hand, you start to get a sense of the detail and care involved in its production.

Many people who love tech believe that Apple is the master of detail and innovation, but watchmakers like Seiko knock the big fruit company out of the park when it comes to focussing on specific features.

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