The woman sporting an iPhone 3 and a 2009 MacBook Pro

No, the only real response – the true techie’s response – is to learn how to make one’s phone last as many years as possible. Instead of buying our way out of obsolescence, we program, adapt, and workaround. What makes a phone great is not how new it is, but how long it lasts.

That’s why the person who wins my admiration at a party or conference is not the guy with the latest model smartphone or laptop, but the woman sporting an iPhone 3 and a 2009 MacBook Pro. And not because she’s a luddite, but because she’s the one with user mojo capable of participating at high efficiency in any essential digital activity with the same technology that less savvy consumers would have to consider obsolete… More at Digital Trends.

Good article. I think I have hit that wall and now realise that keeping a phone working for as long as possible, like I do a desktop computer, is the logical choice on every possible level.

2 thoughts on “The woman sporting an iPhone 3 and a 2009 MacBook Pro

  1. All depends on what you’re doing. I couldn’t run most of the apps I use regularly on an iPhone 3. And no, there are no older substitutes that I could use instead. Also, I get spoiled by good response. I got spoiled many many years ago when my Windows 3.1 PC was very fast. I’ve only gotten back to that performance in the last few years.

    As for the 2009 MacBook Pro, I still have one of those, along with a Retina iMac. I put an SSD inside and it’s as fast as it needs to be for all the basics. However, it won’t handle any high end graphics or the RPGs I play.

  2. I think there are limits of course, but I tend to be impressed when I see someone using an iPhone 4s or a 5- if it does what they need, they have more money in their pockets.

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