The Sony Xperia X Compact

These are simple conveniences that make a difference in the real world. Living with a phone the size of the Xperia X Compact (or iPhone SE) is a genuinely unique experience in 2016. Yes, a smaller screen isn’t as fun for watching video. Yes, the keyboard is little more cramped. Yes, you’ll see one less email in your inbox at any given time. (How tragic.) Some people won’t get by this, and that’s normal.

People tend to hold their smartphones close to their faces, though. After a little bit, the sacrifices I made onscreen felt trivial next to the perks of having smaller hardware. Doing capital-w Work on a smartphone is constantly clunky anyway, regardless of how big its screen is. And again, it’s not like this phone is tiny… More at Business Insider.

Good review, surprising from Business Insider, but the Xperia X Compact looks like a decent phone at a reasonable price.

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